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Yeah so it looks like I’m really not good at keeping up with this blog thing, then. In case anyone ever stumbles across this website, I want to redirect you toward a blog that is updated constantly and is actually worth reading-

Krulwich Wonders


Celebrity Birthday of the Week 12.30-1.5


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You know him, you love him, you might have re-read his books last month in anticipation of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey coming out and then stayed up ridiculously late to see the midnight premiere and then immediately posted your opinions about Peter Jackson’s interpretation all over facebook and twitter. Or maybe you didn’t care about any of it… but either way, Happy Birthday J.R.R. Tolkien! 

5 TV Shows I Like So Much I Don’t Even Want to Watch Them


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I’m the ultimate “save it for later” person. When I like something I’ll hold onto it forever until eventually it’s not even worth it anymore. I have perfumes that I love, but I won’t use them because then they’d be gone. It’s stupid, it’s illogical, I know this.. but that doesn’t stop me.

When it comes to TV I’ll sit there and watch crappy shows that I’m only half paying attention to because I always want to have my favorite shows to look forward to. Sometimes this will work out and I’ll have a new episode to watch when I’m really in the mood for it, but mostly it’s just a waste of time.

Anyway, here are some of the shows that I refrained from watching when they originally aired:

1. Homeland

I’m almost caught up on Homeland and I hate that. I might not be able to keep myself from watching this every week, especially since friends/family like to talk about it. But I really don’t want it to be done!

2. Breaking Bad

This is one of my favorite shows of all time and I didn’t even watch this last season. I saw maybe one episode. Then I was like “I want to save this for later!” and then suddenly it was no longer available on On Demand. Womp womp…

3. Skins (UK)

I watch this on Hulu when I can’t sleep. Everything that happens on this show is pretty ridiculous, but watching all that crazy shit is the only thing that takes my mind off my frustration about not being able to fall asleep. I don’t know what I’ll do without it.

4. No Reservations

I’m a Travel Channel enthusiast and this was one of my favorites. It just ended last week and I’m still hoarding a couple episodes on the DVR. I wonder if I’ll ever know how his trip to Emilia Romagna went.

5. The Wire

I’ve heard so many good things about The Wire that I haven’t even started watching it. I like the idea that if I ever find myself unemployed and depressed I’ll have a great series to watch start to finish while I sit on my couch in my pjs eating cereal all day.






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I almost didn’t want to write a post about this because the accompanying picture is so terrible, but since I’ve written about all the other times I’ve had ice cream in the last couple months I couldn’t leave this one out. I went out for Indian food and ordered 2 desserts- Gajar ka Halwa (a sweet carrot based “pudding”) and Pistachio Kulfi. My picture of the Gajar ka Halwa literally looks like cat vomit, so you will not be seeing that, but this is the Kulfi:

If you’ve never had it before it’s like a very, very dense ice cream. To me it has a sort of caramel-ish undertone. This particular one was pretty delicious. The spices were nicely balanced (sometimes too much cardamom can be overpowering) and it had just enough pistachio. I want to try making this at home because I found a recipe where you can sort of fake it using Cool Whip. To be honest I’ll probably never end up making it and I’ll just come here for dinner a couple more times instead.

Celebrity Birthday of the Week 10.14-10.20


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I almost didn’t do a celebrity birthday of the week this week because I was a little bit busy celebrating my own birthday! But at 5 of Midnight I decided that someone important must have been born on October 20th, and I was most certainly right.

Happy Birthday Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion???) !