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I made this blog a little while ago and I’ve been meaning to write a post, but I haven’t been able to figure out what I want to write about. I still don’t have any great ideas… but I have all these pictures from Thanksgiving dinner, so I think I’ll share those for now and contemplate the future content of the blog later.

This Thanksgiving was a little bit different than our usual family dinner. We were invited to go out to a restaurant (and a fancy one at that. We’re not very fancy people, honestly). Anyway, I used to think nothing was better than home cooking on the holidays. I’ve changed my mind. This was better than anything I’ve had in recent memory, and I have no idea who the chef was that cooked it. I’d really like to give him/her a high five, though.

Ok, onto the pictures…

I think the soup course was my favorite. It was a Pumpkin Bisque with marshmallows and bourbon. Smooth and buttery and sweet and… I can’t talk about it anymore because I’ll just get sad that I can’t go have some more right now. (But I will say that from now on I’m going to try adding marshmallows to anything and everything. My coworkers already make fun of my lunches so I’ve really got nothing to lose.)

Then some cranberry sauce showed up, just in time for…

mmm turkey dinner. There is way more food on this plate than my little camera could handle. A pile of stuffing is hiding under all those vegetables, but the veggies were surprisingly great, too, so I can’t say I liked any one side better than another. My stomach was starting to hurt a little after this, but there was still plentyy of room for….

Creme Brulee that is actually CHOCOLATE MOUSSE made with Guinness. plus a blob of something creamy and a ginger snap. Alright so mayybe this tops the Pumpkin Bisque. But it’s an unfair competition because I love creme brulee and I’ve never had one with chocolate. (I’m not much of a restaurant goer or a foodie so get impressed by little things like this.) I also had something they called a Pumpkin Latte Cake, but I pretty much dipped all the cake into this chocolately stuff because it was just too damn good to take a plain bite of anything else.

And then, before I knew it, it was gone.

Gone, but not forgotten.

I know Thanksgiving is over now so I’m not going to do a whole “I’m thankful for…” thing, but I do feel fortunate that I could go out and enjoy this dinner with everyone and that people were willing to work on the holiday to make that possible.

If you’re reading this I’m not exactly sure how you stumbled upon this blog, but I’m happy you’re here, and I hope you stop by again soon. I’ll try to come up with something interesting to post about (or at the very least I’ll try to put up pretty pictures. Easier said than done!)

Until next time,