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Have you ever seen something at the grocery store and thought “Ew, who eats that?” and then you end up buying it? No? Ok it’s just me then…

I saw this box of tapioca hiding out on the bottom shelf of a little grocery store and it looked all old-timey and like something your grandmother would make in the ’60s.

The directions on the box were kind of vague, so I ended up winging it as far as the cooking goes (random amount of tapioca and about double that amount of water, cooked over medium heat and stirred over low heat once the pearls turned clear. I’m sure that way of doing it is all sort of wrong but I was too lazy to google it first). After a while it turned into this lovely mush:

bleh. Not exactly appetizing. Looks like baby food with weird jelly balls in it.. I don’t know how else to phrase that..

I decided I’d try to make it look a bit more like the picture on the box, complete with the fancy glass and everything. I didn’t have fresh berries but I scooped some fruity looking stuff from the bottom of a strawberry yogurt and attempted to make a parfait with that plus some vanilla yogurt and the tapioca mush.

Hey, it turned out kinda cute! And somehow there were some cherries hanging out in the fridge so I could even do the classic cherry on top thing. Win! If I make this again I’ll definitely put a layer chocolate chips and walnuts in the middle, but I didn’t think of it at the time, so I just sprinkled them on top before eating (it added some much needed texture.)

I’d call my experiment with tapioca a minor success. And now that it’s over I get to scrape out the gluey mess that’s formed all over my pan. ick.

This is the reason why you won’t find my in the kitchen very often, my friends. But the next time I find some weird (to me) ingredient at the store I might make another exception.