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I need to start drawing again. Not like big ambitious drawings that require a giant sized sketch pad and an easel to complete, but I at least need to break out the old sketchbooks and put them to use.

I mean, I used to be so into art that I was the creepster that would draw pictures of you while you were sleeping on the train.

But now it’s all awkward because without a sketch pad I’m just the creepster that stares at you for an uncomfortable amount of time until you wonder if I’m about to steal your money. (Alright fine, in reality I respect people’s space and do my best not to stare, but it’s hard to fight those natural instincts.)

So hey, maybe this can be my “art” blog. Maybe I’ll be more compelled to keep a sketchbook if I know I’m going to have a place to post the drawings. But as we all know (and by “we” I mean me, the sole reader of this little webpage), I’m still not sure what direction this thing is going in, so I’ll keep up the random disconnected posts for the time being and just pretend it’ll allll work itself out in the end.