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Let’s dive right in…

1. I’m not good at blogging. I can’t seem to remember to actually write posts, even when a blog-worthy event (such as Christmas) happens. Lucky for me I have no readers and am not doing anything to change that situation, so I don’t need to worry about it.

2. Speaking of Christmas… Heirloom potatoes are way more festive than regular potatoes and I vote they make an appearance at every holiday.

3. You probably shouldn’t go see the new The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie if you haven’t read the book. I happened to do that and even though I could appreciate the great film-making, I was thoroughly confused most of the time. From what I’ve been told it’s just pretty impossible to adapt that book for the screen and still have it make sense. But I still have no desire to read it. Call me lazy, but the reading I’ve been doing lately is a bit easier/more lighthearted, which brings me to #4…

4. Mindy Kaling is a funny lady.

5. Finally, candy making is NOT EASY. Even more difficult is making it look pretty. My attempt at peppermint patties wound up looking more like an abstract expressionist painting than I had wanted it to. Peter Greweling, I have a new found respect for you.

And that’s all I can think of now. Hopefully I’ll learn more important things next week, but you never know…