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Remember when I wrote that whole post about how much I dislike New York City? Well, about 2 weeks later I went back. I couldn’t help it. I had to go see this in person:Two years ago I was supposed to go to a taping, but we didn’t make it in time and didn’t get in. This time, thanks to a friend showing up super early and waiting by herself while another friend and I were still on the bus, we were first in line! The next day we walked around the city but we were so dead tired that we went to the Museum of Natural History solely to sleep in the planetarium. No shame.

A few weeks later I found myself traveling again to a destination I honestly wasn’t thrilled to be going to. I went to visit family in Florida, which admittedly is a wonderful vacation spot, but the heat/humidity and I don’t get along. Weather aside, you can’t help but feel relaxed when you see this:

I swear though, I really don’t like to travel. I get anxious about going on trips and I’m a complete homebody. Despite all of this I’ll be going back to Florida again in 2 months (this time to Disney! yay!), and some time before that I’ll probably be going back to NY. Yep. Can’t stay away.