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It’s been hot out this week. So naturally I made popsicles. And since I made something edible and I have a blog, I will now post a recipe.



*The yogurt should be flavored. You can buy plain and mix in your own fruit and sweeteners and whatnot, but all of that is beyond the scope of this particular recipe. I used 4 different flavors of Chobani, one of which was definitely Passionfruit but I can’t remember the others. I know that I absolutely did not use plain Chobani. Because I bought that once and it was terrible. Feel free to use whatever you want, though.


1. Pour the yogurt into a popsicle mold.

2. Freeze for a few hours.

3. Eat.

Makes 4 servings… Well, it does if that’s how many your popsicle mold makes.