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On Day 2 I didn’t even go anywhere. I hadn’t resolved to visit a new ice cream place every day yet, so the ice cream featured on this day was eaten at home, straight out of a pint that I already had in the freezer. I’d already tried some before, but it still counts as part of the Challenge because it was A) made by a local company and B) a new-to-me flavor when I first bought it. Remember, I’m easing into this (and also making up the rules as I go because.. you know.. pointlessness and all that.)

The ice cream of the day was sea salted caramel. Definitely caramel-y, but decidedly NOT sea salted. I mean, there’s probably salt in there somewhere, but it’s not a huge feature. It almost tasted like a very strong vanilla with a lingering caramel aftertaste. This was delicious, but I would have appreciated it a lot more if it had lived up to its name. Probably the nicest thing about this ice cream was the texture- really smooth and almost milky. Maybe that’s the wrong word to describe hard ice cream but it’s the word I’m going with anyway.

Here’s a lazy picture!