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Yeahhh I haven’t visited my own blog since April. Oops.

But I have this thing I’m doing and I’ve been taking pictures (for my own amusement), and I think if I post it here then I’ll feel like it’s not so totally pointless (which it is).

I wish I’d thought of this sooner. The end of summer is here and there are so many ice cream places nearby that I have never been to, and so many flavors I’ve never tried. So I decided to have a new ice cream flavor, hopefully from a new place, every day for the rest of the month. It just sucks that I didn’t start til the 22nd….

And so I’ll begin a series of posts with Day 1. This was before I decided this would be a multi-week venture. I’m pretty set in my ways and I have my favorite flavors. When I go for ice cream I almost always get 1 scoop of mint chocolate chip and 1 scoop of strawberry. It never does me wrong, even if the ice cream place isn’t that great. The twist on this Day 1 ice cream, though, is that the store I visited has a special machine that swirls the two flavors together and creates a sort of pseudo-soft serve.

So I got my standard mint chip/strawberry combo, but it was a bit different than usual. They used Andes Creme de Menthe chocolates in place of chocolate chip for this flavor. I liked that. I used to keep Andes in the freezer when I didn’t have air conditioning and they always kept me cool and refreshed, so I already knew Andes+frozenness=nice. Because of the swirling the texture was much thinner than ice cream and essentially made this frozen yogurt, but I enjoyed it altogether. It was a nice way to ease into the ice cream challenge. Familiar flavors. Not too heavy. Baby steps, ya know?

Good stuff.