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On the third day of the Challenge I was lucky enough to find myself at a restaurant that featured a trio of house churned ice creams on its menu. It was lunchtime and my main meal was kind of huge, but I went for it anyway.

One of the reasons I couldn’t pass this up was the flavor combination they had that day: Mint Chocolate Chip (!), Raspberry Swirl, and Coffee. Very similar to my all time favorite. They were fantastic on their own and mixed together, even when they got all melty at the end.

But before they melted I managed a picture that is a lot better than the Day 2 photo:

As you can see, they were all plated nicely with a little mint leaf in the middle. Imagine eating that leaf. That’s what it was like eating the mint chocolate chip (minus the chips, of course). I actually liked it though. All of these were the least artificial-tasting ice cream flavors I’ve ever had. My favorite was definitely the raspberry swirl, but I might’ve liked the mint more if it weren’t for all those pesky chips (it needed some chocolate chips, but there were far too many in there and it messed with the texture). The coffee was wonderful. Really bold flavor. I even had coffee breath afterward. But I don’t generally like actual coffee, so unfortunately this flavor never had a fighting chance.

Sorry, coffee. Maybe someday I will learn to appreciate you more, but for now it’s berry and mint all the way.