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On Day 4 I went on a weekend trip. I was strolling around a seaport town where there were TONS of ice cream places. It was hard to choose which one to stop in and try, but I think I made the best possible choice. They had unique flavors like Apricot Rose, Tomato Balsamic, and Watermelon Mint, but after taste-testing I decided on Coconut and Cherry Chip.

While I write this I’m still in the middle of the ice cream challenge, but this is by far my favorite ice cream experience to date. I almost didn’t go for the coconut because I used to ONLY get coconut gelato (Story time: When I lived in Italy I’d get a lot of gelato [say that out loud] and I pretty much stuck with coconut, then branched out to pistachio, straciatella, and occasionally bacio with panna montata. These are all fine choices, better than fine some would say, but I probably missed out on a lot of tasty flavors from the best gelato shops in the world. If/when I go back I’ll take full advantage!) This was one of the best flavors I’ve had in a lonnng time though, and I’m glad I went with a reliable favorite.

The cherry chip didn’t let me down either. For some reason I became seriously addicted to cherries last summer and waited all year for them to come back in season, and I think they were the only fruit I consumed from July to mid-August. This gelato would have been perfect for me had the chocolate chunks been a little smaller (I had to pick a few out because I felt like I was eating a chocolate bar instead of creamy dessert). I know I complained about too many chips in my mint chip yesterday, but I promise these both had crazy amounts.

In conclusion, I love gelato. More than regular ice cream. Yep, I said it.