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Day 5 was kind of a fail. For the purposes of the Challenge I’m going to have to count frozen yogurt as ice cream, even though I realize they are two very different things. This was the second frozen yogurt of the weekend, the first having been purchased after dinner the night before.

The first one was actually pretty noteworthy. It was from a chain but the nearest one is about an hour from me so when I saw it I wanted to try it out. Normally I’m not big on the self-serve places, but this one was actually decent. Nice flavors too, like peanut butter/hazelnut twist (had that plus about 6 more. I know you can taste test but I like all my samplings right there in my cup, covered with passionfruit poppers and whipped cream. It’s just how I do froyo.)

This Day 5 one though… Meh. Different place, same concept, less appealing flavors. Texture was not as good overall. I wanted peanut butter but to my dismay when I pulled the lever all that came out was liquid. Gross. So I started a new cup (I believe I got blueberry, chocolate, vanilla, and maybe tart or coffee flavor?) Then I loaded it up with some granola, fruit, and coconut and called it a healthy mid-morning snack. After that I hit the road and went home, away from the ocean and away from my favorite gelato. C’est la vie.