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I walked SO far for this damn ice cream. I knew about 2 homemade ice cream places in the area I was in on Monday, so I picked one and decided to go there after lunch. What I didn’t realize was how ridiculously far it was from the restaurant we were at. We started walking and it wasn’t until we were almost dying of heat exhaustion that my friend said “Ohhh, I know the place you’re talking about!” Had she realized this earlier, we probably would’ve been enjoying the AC on public transportation at that moment. But oh well, she said that she remembered it and it was totally worth the walk. So we forged on and soon we arrived at the store, hungry and tired. I looked up at the flavor list and set out to make a decision.

It was overwhelming. Usually I know what I want right away but I was so delirious from the long walk that I couldn’t tell what I was feeling. So I asked for samples. Then more samples. And just one more. Oh but another after that. I taste tested peanut butter chip, bailey’s, ginger molasses, khulfi, maple walnut, carrot cake, and probably more that I can’t remember. I went with the peanut butter chip plus black raspberry and freshly made whipped cream. As you can see they were a little heavy handed with the whipped cream. No complaints here.

I went in thinking I’d go for a more “exotic” flavor since they had so many available, but this hit the spot. And Day 6 was conquered.