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I went to this farm and bought some organic peppers and eggplant. But before I give myself too many points for healthy eating, I have to acknowledge that the real reason I was there was for the pumpkin ice cream. It’s a seasonal flavor and I was surprised it was already available in August. However, when I went up to the window to order I was informed that they were out. The truck bringing the shipment in had just pulled up but I didn’t feel like waiting, so I ordered one of those “24 flavors of soft serve!” I know that lots of places have this and I’ve always been curious to try it. I got Butter Pecan.

It was about as good as this picture. Beige. Blah. Underwhelming. It’s just made by mixing the syrup into regular vanilla soft serve (I think), so I figured it wouldn’t be great and probably should’ve waited for what I really wanted. On the bright side, look at my dining companion!

I was sitting on a bench next to a small child who was eating a cone of drippy Cotton Candy ice cream and this little guy was walking around under our table. What a weird day.