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August 31st was scheduled to be the last day of this “challenge.”

Backstory on this one: Last summer after a day at the beach my friend and I wanted to stop for ice cream on the way home. I saw a sign for a creamery right off the highway and we decided to give it a try. We both loved it; the restaurant had a porch overlooking a lake, which was nice, and my friend commented that she could tell the ice cream was homemade since she didn’t feel so gross after eating it. Back then I got Heath bar and cookies ‘n’ cream (Heath bar was the clear winner there).

When I returned this year I was in the mood for something more fruity and nutty than chocolatey. I thought about getting orange pineapple because I see it everywhere and have never had it, but I don’t know.. I wasn’t feeling it. I went with black raspberry chip (again) to compliment the delectable White Pistachio. 

Whole pistachios, just the right amount of chocolate chips. This was a good one.

This would’ve been the Grand Finale, and it’s certainly an acceptable note to end on. However, there are too many stores and flavors that I never got to during that week and a half. I won’t make it a point to go out for ice cream every day, but if I get something good I’ll write a little post about it. This seems to be the only thing I’ve been able to consistently blog about anyway!