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Remember when I went to that farm to get pumpkin ice cream, but they didn’t have any? Well three days later I got the chance to try the seasonal flavor while on a day trip with my mom to the town where she grew up. As a teenager she had worked at the local ice cream store, and later when she had kids she’d bring us there when we visited our grandparents. For the sake of nostalgia we wanted to stop by and see if it had changed at all. Apart from the space in the back that had been rented out to someone else, it was all pretty much exactly the same.  And hey, they had Pumpkin! I was curious about the Red Velvet Cake, but I had to go with this one anyway.

Outside we sat in the gazebo I used to play in back in the day, and a nice family came and sat there, too. The mom had gotten a cone of Pumpkin AND Red Velvet (smart woman.) My own mom couldn’t finish her Kahlua fudge so I had a few bites of that. The two flavors together reminded me of having pumpkin pie and coffee. Perfect for after dinner on a summer (almost fall) night.