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I’m going to stop labeling these as the Ice Cream Challenge because the official unofficial end to that was over 2 weeks ago. But it’s still fun to write about the stuff so here’s another one.

I’ve already declared that I love gelato more than regular ice cream. A new ice cream shop/cafe opened near me and they happen to serve gelato. They also happen to be right up the road from the salon where I was getting my hair cut. (My hair looks awesome, btw. It’s also very soft according to my hairdresser’s daughter who was petting my head. Awkward.) Since the weather was nice and I knew it would be the last really hot day for a while, I headed over there after my appointment.

The guy behind the counter (who I believe was the owner) had me try the Sea Salted Caramel Chunk because it’s the most popular flavor. It was good but not what I was in the mood for. I went with Coconut Almond Chip and Watermelon Mint. The owner tried to convince me that I would not find Watermelon Mint anywhere else because it’s an exclusive homemade flavor, but if I recall correctly I already taste tested it the last time I got gelato. I’m hoping they source their gelato from that same company, because they have some great flavors and I wouldn’t have to travel two hours to get it again.

If you have good eyes you can see the little specks of mint leaves in there. Refreshing!