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We’re now well into apple-picking season. I doubt I’ll be making an appearance at the orchards, though, because I don’t like apples that much. But apple flavored desserts I can certainly deal with. I’m talking about apple cider donuts, pies, crumbles; NOT apple flavored candies. (Green apple jolly ranchers? Not for me). There’s one dessert that I’d never had in an apple variety before this week, and given the previous posts on this blog you can probably guess which one that is. Yep, I drove about 20 minutes out of my way to get my hands on some Apple ice cream on the first day of Fall.

I tried to take a nice photo by getting a cow in the background, but that was unsuccessful. I didn’t keep trying because a picture isn’t worth risking melty ice cream, so here’s the cow on its own:

I hadn’t made it to this place all summer, and you can probably see why I wanted to get there before they closed up shop for the fall/winter months. I can’t say enough good things about this ice cream. It was less reminiscent of pie than the Pumpkin flavor, but I guess if you imagine having apple pie a la mode and mixing some pie filling into the vanilla ice cream you’d get something similar to this. The texture was perfectly creamy with small chunks of cinnamon spiced apples. Here is my sort of mini time lapse photo shoot to demonstrate said texture:

I might actually go back for seconds on this one before they close. I’ve already been to almost every ice cream place in my area and tried the flavors I wanted to try (I’ve had 4 more new ones since Saturday, and I’ll probably feel the need to write a post about each of them as I’m discovering this is a great mindless activity.)

Oh, and get ready for photo quality to decrease because Sunday was the first day I started using an iPhone. Although a part of me is going to miss having my trusty flip phone and point-and-shoot camera floating around in my bag, I think it was time for some updated technology in my life.