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Unfortunately I was not in Italy last weekend, but I was in an Italian neighborhood that has great restaurants and cafes. After a squid ink risotto dinner (lunch? it was around 3:30 so it could have gone either way) and a pit stop at a bakery, we set out to find gelato. Now despite the authentic Italian-ness of this part of town, I have had some HORRIBLE gelato there before. I was determined not to experience another icy, flavorless, way-too-sweet cup of ice cream, so I didn’t settle for the first place I saw. In fact, we stopped in no less than 4 cafes before we finally ordered our dessert.

I think I was right to be picky. I googled the cafe afterward and it looks like it may be one of the only places (if not the only place) in that area that makes their gelato on site daily. It’s disappointing that there are so few good quality options in a neighborhood known for its Italian specialties, but there you go. I got Bacio with a scoop of Frutti di Bosco sorbet. The flavor pairing was nice and the lighter sorbet was a good compliment to the creamy hazelnut and chocolate gelato. This was a million times better than what I’ve had in the past, but I’m still not sure if it tops either of these two. Delicious nonetheless.