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I almost didn’t want to write a post about this because the accompanying picture is so terrible, but since I’ve written about all the other times I’ve had ice cream in the last couple months I couldn’t leave this one out. I went out for Indian food and ordered 2 desserts- Gajar ka Halwa (a sweet carrot based “pudding”) and Pistachio Kulfi. My picture of the Gajar ka Halwa literally looks like cat vomit, so you will not be seeing that, but this is the Kulfi:

If you’ve never had it before it’s like a very, very dense ice cream. To me it has a sort of caramel-ish undertone. This particular one was pretty delicious. The spices were nicely balanced (sometimes too much cardamom can be overpowering) and it had just enough pistachio. I want to try making this at home because I found a recipe where you can sort of fake it using Cool Whip. To be honest I’ll probably never end up making it and I’ll just come here for dinner a couple more times instead.